Review thief

review thief

At its best, Thief makes you feel like a devious outlaw. Sadly, such moments are too few. Günstig + sicher bei MMOGA per Email: Ob Eidos Montreal die altehrwürdige Thief. A city full of closed doors and dead ends, boxed in and lined with nothing but rough edges: That's Thief. review thief


Retro Review - Thief: The Dark Project & Thief II: The Metal Age PC Game Review It makes Thief feel like an old game. When he finds a secret passageway or unscrews a gate leading to a ventilation duct, the openings swing shut as he passes. Wochen-Update bringt UI-Verbesserungen 0. Ability to customize difficulty fire poker definitely something I liked. In Previews erlebten wir Thief bislang nur auf Konsole, für diese Ausgabe erreichte uns die PC-Review-Fassung, allerdings nicht in der finalen Version. All this publication's reviews Read full review.


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